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The unstoppable children of an ancient culture
With your help, our SMART Centers can make them the world’s future inventors.


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Connecting Armenian children to the world.

Armenians have a very rich history of innovation — but in the face of the last hundred years of unprecedented difficulties, how do we ensure the next generation has a chance to continue this tradition of creativity and contribution to humanity? The world’s first SMART Center opened in Lori, Armenia in May 2018. And it will literally plug in this remote region to the world through the use of modern technology and proficiency in English. SMART is a novel model for the world’s forgotten children to connect with the global economy, so they can gain the knowledge and skills they need — and someday become our future inventors.

SMART Labs will cultivate collaboration, ingenuity, and entrepreneurship in the scientific and digital worlds using the most cutting-edge technologies, tools, and methods. It will be a place to explore, play, discover, and experiment in the fields of programming, robotics, engineering, architecture, and the hard sciences – and learning will take place both onsite and out in the real world.

We believe that creativity is the lifeblood of any people, and it sparks innovation in all areas of study. SMART Studios will foster the learning of both music and art – featuring production environments and a performance amphitheatre, exposure to a diverse collection of modern and traditional instruments, and programs across the visual and performing arts. We will also partner with leading Armenian art galleries to bring workshops and speakers to SMART.

SMART Library will be equipped with latest digital media and global subscriptions, as well as access to a broad array of information, services, data, and audio-visual content. It will be a place to both read and think – where group discussions are fostered, research is done, and big ideas are born.

Merging environmental sustainability with technology, SMART Agriculture will leverage IoT technologies to produce local, nutrient-dense foods in greenhouses and other controlled production systems. COAF will also partner with local farmers to implement practices that work to counteract climate change, and to promote environmental awareness. In addition, there will be training in skills specific to the region, such as beekeeping and forestry.


Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that uses community-led approaches to improve rural conditions and reduce poverty. We began our work in 2004, launching in one small village and now – utilizing our innovative cluster village model approach – have expanded to more than 44. We employ strategic programs in the areas of education, healthcare, community engagement, and economic development.



COAF’s supporters include foundations, global agencies, socially responsible corporations, individual donors, and prominent celebrities. They’re all captivated by our vision for engaging the forgotten children of Armenia with the world. We’re honored to work with celebrated supporters – Tom Hanks, Ariana Grande, Khloe Kardashian, Leonardo DiCaprio, Conan O’Brien, and more – but know their support is just as important as yours.



COAF’s first SMART Center will be a 25,000 square foot facility, located just three minutes from the region’s new M6 highway and accessible to over 200,000 people.

We’d love to keep you posted about this exciting new project — and show you the ways you can help us create the inventors of the future!

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